Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Inserting tables into blog postings

I wanted to insert a table into the G9 purchase decision posting, but it took me some time to work it out. A blogger help posting eventually showed me how, but I had to work out some things for myself to make it work, and even then it is not quite perfect...

I tried several HTML editors including Word, but none of them looked anything other than awful in a blog posting.

Someone advised that creating the table using Google document, switching to HTML editing mode and cutting and pasting the code into blogger would work.

It did, after a fashion.

One of the irritations that I have yet to work out is how to get controlled different column widths without editing the % for each cell in the HTML code - I could do it, but for a biggish table it would be very tedious and prone to error, although using a search & replace function in another editor might make it easier. You also have to work out exactly how you want the table to look at the insert stage as it does not seem possible to change the stroke width of the borders etc after insertion, except by directly editing the code again.

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