Monday, 4 February 2008

Adding photos to blogs

Adding photos to blogs is pretty straight forward, but I did learn a few extras to make the final post look the way I wanted it to.

The Blogger help file gives you the basics, but I found that I wanted to insert four photos into the text and the basic method simply put them at the top of the post. A quick search brought up more help which essentially pointed out that the pictures can be dragged and dropped. I found that cutting and pasting was better as the edit window in Blogger is too small to work in and does not auto scroll when dragging and dropping. All I had to do then was delete the extra blank lines from the top of the post that the upload had created.

When I had done that I found that although I had specified "small" in the layout options they were all slightly different sizes, which made the preview of the post look awful. So I went back to the original thumbnail sized photos and resized them in Photoshop to the same size - I chose 100 x 100 pixels and they now look sensible to my eyes.


Anonymous said...

I'm a novice blogger not familiar with editing html, so figured out my own way to get multiple photos sized and arranged the way I want them in my blog. I copy and paste the photos on a blank PowerPoint slide, then use Powerpoint's features to crop, size, drag, overlap, tilt, outline, etc. Then I group the photos and copy the aggregate image to some other program (even Paint) where I can save it as a gif or jpg.

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