Friday, 29 February 2008

Epson 4800 printer nozzle clogging and cartridge pressure?

I have mentioned before that I am becoming convinced that the cartridge pressure or ink level in a cartridge on my 4800 has a major effect on the nozzle loss issues I repeatedly experience. Recent experience makes me a little surer...

As you may have seen in my previous posting I had considerable problems persuading my Magenta to reappear.

After several cleaning cycles and soaks it was stubbornly refusing to come back - the cartridge level was not worrying the printer, whereas during the process I had to change two cartridges (LK & LC) that were showing low and the printer would not allow me to run cleaning cycles until new ones were installed.

I decided to try installing a new Magenta cartridge and Hey Presto the very next clean it reappeared!

I can't think of any sensible explanation other than that the cartridge is not "pushing" ink through - if it were just air in the line or print head why would a new cartridge suddenly cure the problem?


unltdsoul said...

Hey, ran across your post. I have 4800 that is giving a real pain all over. Magenta keeps disappearing. After $100 of ink and purging the whole printer, it finally worked, for a few weeks. Then disappeared again. When do a nozzle cleaning other colors will disappear. After soaking, cleaning 20x, etc, Magenta finally came back, Yellow was gone. 10 more cleanings and soaks, and yellow came back and magenta disappears again. I am wasting another $100 in ink. This is madness.
So did your problem go away with a new cartridge?
I am using refill ink, so the cartridge has been used 3 fill times.

Sumit Yadav said...

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