Sunday, 13 April 2008

Harvey Head Cleaner now works outside the USA

In an earlier post about my historical problems with my Epson 4800 I said that I had tried Harvey Head Cleaner (HHC), but for some reason it did not work. I was contacted recently by HHC to say that they thought they had solved the problem - so I tried the new version and it does now work.

HHC is a utility program designed to reduce the frequency of clogged heads in inkjet printers.

The aim is to reduce the incidence of nozzles clogging by using a small amount of ink (in my case it seems to run a nozzle check) automatically at user defined intervals.

When I first tried to use the programme last October (2007) it simply would not work on my PC. I assumed that there was some sort of conflict on my machine, but the developers have found that there was a problem with the format for the way the USA and Europe (and much of the rest of the world) write dates (in the UK we use dd/mm/yyyy, whereas the USA uses mm/dd/yyyy) - having fixed it it now seems to work fine outside the USA.

Essentially you programme HHC to run a nozzle check at whatever intervals you wish - once a week, three times a day; whatever. It will run them if the printer has not printed anything recently (again you can change this setting if you want).

It also runs a nozzle check if you turn your computer on after the programmed time has elapsed to run the check.

It only works, however, if you leave your printer turned on - it obviously can not print a nozzle check if the printer is off.

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